Our Mission

Our mission is to make the progressive agenda achievable by reforming and confronting the underlying structural issues of our political system in order to advance and achieve civil, racial, sexual, religious, economic and environmental justice.

Our group is dedicated to continuing the political revolution in the wake of the Bernie Sanders 2016 Presidential campaign by:

  • Supporting candidates in national, state and local elections.
  • Working to organize and form coalitions in order to change the undemocratic nature of the current American political process, including our corrupt campaign finance system and laws that maintain massive voter suppression.
  • Encouraging and supporting volunteers to take local positions of power.

Our Meetings

Grassroots Action NY meets every other Saturday from 11am to 1pm. We meet once per month in Brooklyn (or Lower Manhattan) and once per month in the Upper West Side. Check the events page for specific details about our next meeting.

Our Initiatives

Demand Democracy
Brand New Congress
Supporting Progressive Candidates

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Our Bylaws

To read our bylaws, click here.