Divestment Day NYC

Our next #DivestmentDay is May 20 at 10am at Union Square!

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In the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, it’s time to put our money where our mouths are. That’s why a growing coalition of NYC-based organizations are teaming up with DeFund DAPL to help people, companies, and cities bank more responsibly.

So far, the DeFund DAPL movement has divested close to $80 million from personal accounts and over $4 billion from city accounts. Are you ready to join this rapidly growing movement and help pressure banks to defund the DAPL with us?

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How To Divest Responsibly

Step 1: Figure out if your bank is involved in the DAPL. 

If you have your money in one of the 34 banks listed below, you are banking at an institution that funds the Dakota Access Pipeline and other destructive fossil fuel projects:


Step 2: Pick a new bank. 

View the list of “good” banks, credit unions, and credit cards we have compiled below or here.

Most people choose to either open accounts at Amalgamated Bank or the credit union that is most conveniently located for them. 

This list was compiled using the following resources:
Defund DAPL, Women’s March, Yes Magazine


Step 3: Open your new account(s).

You’ll want some time to get everything moved over to your awesome new bank or credit union before closing your old accounts. Additionally, you’ll need a place to put the money you take out of your old accounts immediately after you close them. Check the hours of the nearest branch of the bank you’re planning on switching to and make a note in your calendar for the week so you won’t forget to drop by. Leave yourself around an hour for this step.


Step 4: Transition to your new bank.

Make a list of all of the places where you have your old account information stored. Go through your bank statement to check for payments from your account that you might have forgotten about.

This could include:

  • Direct deposits from paychecks, Social Security, unemployment, etc
  • Automatic transfers to other accounts
  • Auto payments for things like rent, utilities, loans, phone bills, or credit cards
  • Websites like Paypal, Amazon, or Netflix
  • Apps like Lyft, Venmo, or Seamless.
  • Monthly donations to charities

We’ve also created this handy checklist to help you transition:

Step 5: Close your account.

Join us on May 20 at 10am as we go to the banks – RSVP here

Can’t make it to our #DivestmentDay action? That’s okay! Pick a time that works for you to close your accounts or join us at our next action.


Step 6: Share your action!

  • Submit a letter to the management explaining that you don’t want to finance an institution that profits from human rights abuses and puts our water at risk. This is an important step as it lets your bank know WHY you left.
  • Enter your balance on the DeFund DAPL withdrawal tracker so the banks know how much money has been personally divested because of their decisions.
  • Take a photo of yourself closing your account and post it on social media. Better yet, take a video! And don’t forget to tag #DeFundDAPL and #DivestmentDay. Sharing your personal action is a great motivator to get your network to do the same.


NOTE: If you aren’t moving your money, we still encourage you to attend the #DivestmentDay rally! If you don’t live in NYC but would like to organize a sister rally in another city, view our resources and get in touch.